April 5, 2013

Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc in Peach Mosaic

All of last year I have been contemplating on getting Dior Amber Diamond, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks or Laura Mercier Shimmer Blocs. 

All these powders have a hefty price tag, so I knew I can only pick one. Last month, I made the ultimate decision and picked Laura Mercier in Peach Mosaic.

I wanted a highlighter that was not too shimmery. I wanted a highlighter that made me GLOW. Laura Mercier gives me the perfect natural glow with a bit of color. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, don't be fooled by this product. Even though this is a highlighter, this stuff is pigmented! 

This highlighter is segmented into four colors: bronze, pink, peach and white. Because they are so pigmented, they can be used as eyeshadows too. I can definitely see a spring eye look here!

When I swirl all of the colors together, it comes out as a peachy blush. I usually mix the pink and white colors and use it as a highlight. There are so many variations to mix these colors. Either way, it'll be gorgeous. There is no way to mess up. 

I am so happy to made this investment. ;) 

I am definitely having a highlighter kick. I need more. 

What are your recommendations?

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  1. I've been considering getting a Laura Mercier mosaic for awhile now. They really do give a great/effortless glow. Guess I'll make the investment!