February 19, 2013

Tinted Moisturizers

The pump on my Bourjois Healthy Mix broke. It's been sadly sitting on my desk for days now. I tried to fix it, but nothing comes out. It makes me so sad, because Bourjois isn't sold in the U.S. I got it from a swap who someone from Sweden was so lovely to send it to me. But now, after so many days, I have to admit that Bourjois has finally died. 

On the other hand, I guess this is a good thing because now I get to go foundation shopping! muahahahaha! 

Lately, my skin has been okay. I'm getting less breakouts (FINALLY). My acne hyper-pigmentation has been less noticeable  so I don't need a lot of coverage. I want something that is makes me skin look like it's glowing from within, but last a long time. I also want some type of coverage to cover the spots that are still there. So, I looking for longer lasting and little to medium coverage. 

The Contestants: 

Chantecaille 'Just Skin' Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15

Part of the reason why I want this is because it is so luxurious. It's bloody expensive $64. That's like a month of groceries. But I read so many good reviews on it. It supposed to be a better counterpart of Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. I did try Laura Mercier's version. I got the oil-Free one. It was so pretty and I would have kept it but it made me into an oil slick within 2 hours. I am hoping this one would be like Laura Mercier, but lasts a lot longer. 

Okay, the title is stupid. "Sensual Tinted Balm" Really? When was a tinted balm sensual? Did you squirt some KY in there? Anyways, other than the title, this thing has some great reviews. Other bloggers are comparing it to Chantecaille's "Just Skin" and they say that this one is less dewey and longer lasting. That sounds perfect for me.  

Nars as a brand rarely lets me down. They have true quality products. I never tried this, but I heard a lot people like it. I wonder if it lasts long on oily skin.

The name of this tint sounds like a perfect match for me. Matte? Check. Moisture? Check. I never used Jouer before. It seems a lot of the English beauty bloggers are taking a liking to them. 

Which one should I choose? 

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