February 15, 2013

26th Birthday Extravaganza

Yesterday I turned 26! 

I had a great time! My friends treat me well! And it all started last Saturday... 

We went to eat at Omars. It was disgustingly delicious.

These are the best fried zucchini ever.. (drool) 

I had the "Toad in the Hole." It is a baked potato filled with a very sexy cream sauce topped with a hamburger patty. 

Then, of course, my friends had to tell the waitress it was my birthday and I got a complimentary sundae. 

Look at all that hot fudge! 

Afterwards, I got very tipsy from an "Orgasm" shot (yummy) and a whiskey shot. My roommate told me I spewed quite a few F bombs during this time, which I do not normally do.. 

We decided to watch "Warm Bodies." This is probably the poorest rendition of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, I ever seen. But, what do I know? It's not like I was intoxicated or an English major. ;) 

On my actual birthday, I had no idea what was happening. My friends just told me to dress up, so I did.   

When I got to my friend's place, my friends shocked me with a surprised party! I was definitely a surprised when two dogs started running at me. 

Aren't the decorations so cute!? 

My honorary seat!  

A panty rose on my plate. 

I forgot to take pictures of the food we had. (Darn) It was fried chicken, bbq baked beans and peas. Finger licking good.

We cleansed our palette with a homemade chocolate cake with a mixture of cool whip and strawberries topped with strawberry icing. OH YEAH. 

Afterwards, we drove around town to get my complimentary Dutch Bros. coffee. For non-Oregonians, Dutch Bros. is a a better version of Starbucks drive-thru. On your birthday you get a free any type any size coffee. We went to 5 Dutch Bros. I have five LARGE coffees sitting on my dining room table. It's going to take a week to get through them. IT'S AWESOME. 

And that's REALLY it. The end of my 26 birthday celebration.Yipee!