February 26, 2013

Benefit 'Hello Flawless!'

Man, I go through so much powder. I used up my Chanel Double Perfection last summer. Since summer is coming up, I thought I'd buy another one. Well... that's the excuse I told myself, at least.

First the packaging: It has packaging plastic packaging with a magnetic closure. The magnetic closes well. I have no complaints. They packaged it to look like a vanity mirror. It has the Benefit logo on the side of the compact. It's so cute! It comes with a powder puff and brush, which is pretty nice. It usually comes one or the other, but I don't use either one. 

This powder is exactly what Benefit said it does.  Man,  this powder packs quite a punch! It definitely gives a medium to full coverage. I was quite pleased that it covered all my acne pigmentation. I like this way more than Chanel Perfection and MAC Studio finish. Both other powders has caked on me and make my pores humongous. The powder is also really find and silky. It feels as light as loose powder. It's amazing how such a fine powder have so much coverage. I use Real Techniques powder blush and just tap it on the skin and HELLO FLAWLESS SKIN!

There is a few things I hate about this powder.. It's SO powdery! I barely tap my brush in the compact and the powder goes everywhere!! I can see why other people say that this powder runs out really fast. I never seen a powder that is that powdery! Also, this powder does not last long. It lasts at most 3-4 hours. This is really disappointing but I love the coverage. But lasting power is really important to me. 

Would I buy this again? No. Even thought I love everything about this powder, but it doesn't last enough. :( 


  1. I have this in All The World's a Stage and absolutely love it. What I do is use a sponge of my own (Shiseido), dampen it just a bit, swipe it over the powder and then apply. The finish looks smoother and the powder lasts me much longer that way.
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  2. I'm gonna try that! I just got the beauty blender, so hopefully it'll work the same!