February 13, 2013

Birthday Wish list!

Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY!!! Yeah, I know it's on Valentine's day. I am pretty special. <3 

I just want to share to the internet world what I'm needing wanting: 

Beauty Diary Masks: My skin has been so problematic this year. It's the year of erupting pimples. Not only that... my skin has been SO dry. I never had dry skin before. It's probably because i'm aging. :( For all you gals with dry skin, coming form a person who normally has very OILY skin.. I feel you. 

Sony Nex: Oh sony.. I have been hearting you for so long. You are so pretty. Is it weird that I love this more than the Olympus Pen just  because of the sound it makes when it takes pictures? Hearing it makes me very happy. 

Caramel Cake: Because you are so sexy and scrumptious. Who would deny a caramel cake?! 

Candles:  I'm gonna need 26 of them tomorrow night! 

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