February 23, 2013

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

While Bourjois Healthy Mix is in a coma, I am using Chanel VitaLumiere Aqua. This is a light formula. It is one of those foundations if you want your skin to look like skin. If you have acne scarring of hyper-pigmentation, you would need to use concealer.  I wore this all the time last summer. It doesn't last long, but the finish is so pretty! It has a dewey finish but not obvious dewey. It is really similar to Bourjois Healthy Mix but Bourjois Healthy Mix has more of a matte finish. I would wear this with primer and power my t-zone during the summer. It does have a really strong smell. Grandma floral smell.Thankfully, the smell is gone after application. Whew.

 It has a little nozzle that I like. It controls how much you want as opposed to a foundation with a cap. Even pumps can be a pain (See my Bourjois review). When you use this, you are suppose to shake it up a lot. If you dont, you'll an oil and foundation poop all over your face. So shake shake shake it up, baby! I do what goddess Lisa Eldridge does when she applies it, just with fingers. I find that with fingers gives more coverage than when I use the Real Techniques Buffing brush (love!) I would highly recommend this. 

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