March 14, 2013

How To Wash a Beauty Blender (Budget Friendly)

I recently bought a beauty blender, and I was shocked how much a Beauty Blender cleanser costs! 
I knew I had to share this cleanser that I got in Japan. 

I used to use to to wash my makeup brushes, but I love this stuff so much that I ration it. Now, I only use it for beauty blenders.


This sponge cleaner is 1 yen (about $1.50) at Daiso in Japan. 

I buy it now on ebay for $8 includes shipping.

It is more than double the price of what is sold in Japan, but it's still cheaper $17.95 that Beauty Blender sells for. 

Anyways let me you show the proof! 

This is my nasty beauty blender.

Daiso sponge cleanser is a clear liquid. I just pour it straight onto the sponge. 

And I just run it through water and squeeze it a few times till the sponge is clean. 



A squeaky clean beauty blender!

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