March 3, 2013

February Favorites 2013

February is gone already! I can't believe it's March. I have a lot of Big plans in March, and it's already here! I am not ready! I still have so much to do! 

It's not really a makeup month this month. It was more like a makeup buying month. Because February is the month of my birthday, I couldn't help and treat myself to more makeup. 

Let's start! 

Origins Plantscriptions Concealer: This needs a proper review. It's  good. I bought this because I can't get my hands on Collections concealer that's only sold in the UK. :( But, a lot of bloggers say this is very similar to Collections. It covers all my imperfections without looking cakey, which concealers generally do. I like the wand application because it makes it easy to swipe on. It stays on really well even without powder. A major plus with my oily skin. 
Bourjois Healthy Mix: Even though I hate the packaging, especially right now... I still love this product. That's what matters right? It covers my imperfections enough that my skin still looks like skin, and it lasts through 6-8 hour days. 
Nars Honolulu Honey: My favorite nude. It's pigmented peach lipstick that looks pretty with ANYTHING. 

That's it. Hopefully I'll have more favorites next month! 

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  1. Nude lipstick from Nars is beautiful, I need to find one like it :) Nude lipsticks can be such a pain, looking like you concealed your lips or something, but this one looks pretty :)