October 1, 2013

What I Got in the Mail: September 2013 Beauty Army

My 1st and last Beauty Army Box! 

Beauty Army is a subscription box where you can choose what you want to try plus 1 surprise. I loved the idea of choosing your own items. Sometimes there are items other people get their boxes, in my opinion are really great, but I didn't get it in my own box. By choosing my own items, I can determine what I want in my own box. 

First up: 

Colorsmash Hair shadow:

I thought it would be so fun to have a pink tint to my hair *temporarily*. Unfortunately, my hair is really black making anything show up it a near impossibility. This stuff actually works! It comes in a big eyeshadow pan. I slide the pan against my hair and it shows up to a pretty bright pink. I then follow it with a generous spray of hairspray, so the color locks into the hair and not anywhere else. Later that day, that generous amount of hairspray I applied proved to be moot. My white top I was wearing looked tie dyed. Never again. 

Cotz Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40: 

This stuff is so interesting. It says it's a mineral based sunscreen. First off, it's a really dark tan (NC 40) color. I was worried that the color would not match my skintone. Thankfully, it is a sheer formula with no odd coloring in sight. I would not suggest this to anyone lighter than a NC 25 skin tone. It does provide some coverage.  I noticed some of my acne pigmentation were not as visible. Secondly, the consistency is odd. It feels I'm applying a mousse like foundation. It applies silky onto the skin with a matte finish. It doesn't leave any type of tacky, moist or sticky feeling that a most sunscreen do. I do like that it unlike most generic sunscreens out there. I may repurchase it for a non-makeup day. 

Menza Facewash: 

I kind of like this stuff! It says,  "a soap-less, non-abrasive cleanser enriched with dissolving
enzymes that remove dull skin cells" It's funny because the first thing I thought of when I smelled this stuff is "this stuff smells like soap." I only used this once, but so far so good. It doesn't break me out. It doesn't strip my skin dry. It makes my skin feel really clean and refreshed.

Marula Facial Oil: 

I haven't tried it yet. I'll be honest that I haven't tried it yet because I'm scared of it. I have really oily skin and applying another layer of oil screams BREAKOUT. And it looks so lovely sitting inside a tiny vial waiting for me to use it, but my fear for oils cannot step aside. I promise I have used oils before and never broken out, but the stigma still lingers within me. Bad Mary! Bad! 

Skiin Instant Tightener and Line Filler: 

I haven't used this either! I don't even know how to use it. Is it a moisturizer? a serum? It doesn't have directions on the website or the product. (help me beautyarmy!) 

Amlactin Body Lotion: 

A typical body lotion that provides hydration to the skin. I wouldn't say after using this my skin became baby skin soft, but there is some moisturization. To be fair, the skin on my body is very dry. It takes lots of body butters and body oils to achieve the softness I desire. 

Mighty Leaf Peach Ginger Iced Tea:

Yum-o! My favorite thing in my box. It is a bright peach flavor with a ginger undertone taste giving a little kick to my taste buds. It was so refreshing in this summer heat. I can't wait to pick up more. 

This month's box was okay. I was disappointed that my favorite thing was ice tea in a beauty subscription box! For $12 a month I want to be wow'd with the things I am getting. Maybe next time. 

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